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We'll save you hours of stroller washing! Instead of home made half-solutions, opt in for our six-step professional stroller cleaning, which you can even order with door-to-door delivery from home. We look forward to see you in Hungary's first, market-leading stroller cleaner! Whether it is stroller cleaning, stroller dome washing, child seat cleaning or other baby home disinfection, the Flora Miniwash is the best choice.

Let us introduce Flora MiniWash, the stroller wash that is the true lifesaver for families with little children. We pamper your worn or dirty stroller with the help of Flora the racoon. After the cleaning you can use your crisp, fragrant, clean and hygienic buggy with a new zest. You no longer need to worry about peach juice stains, the leftovers of a seaside holiday or the dirt of the city.

What is Flora MiniWash?

Flora MiniWash is a real stroller spa: we clean, disinfect and care for your stroller to be hygienic and beautiful. Our stroller wash service was created to help families who care about their children spending their days in a clean and hygienic environment. In the course of our professional service we take care ofyour stroller, we clean, disinfect and dry it with baby-friendly, high quality products and expertise, we will also repair it at your request

When you get it back, your stroller will be brilliant, clean and disinfected. If required, a replacement stroller is provided for the time of cleaning.

Find out more about us: download our introduction booklet

Why is it important?

An average child spends nearly 1400 hours in the stroller in the first two years of their lives. They travel, eat, take walks and sleeps in it. During use strollers need to endure a lot: they collect a lot of dirt, possible germs, we go to medical establishments, shops, public transport and they interact with other adults and children as well.
This is why a stroller needs to be fully and professionally cleaned regularly, as we would like our children to be in hygienic surroundings.

For who and how often is it recommended

  • Every four months, for those who value the health of their baby.
  • Every time after journeys, going to an airport, traveling by train or ship.
  • Before or after selling or handing on a stroller or packing it away.
Other instances when professional cleaning is recommended:
  • For urban families, who take the public transport on a regular basis.
  • After a major mishap when food or liquids get in the stroller and can effect hygiene.
  • After visiting somebody or staying at a hospital.
  • For families who store their stroller inside the flat due to lack of space.
  • For those who have no opportunity to dry their strollers outside.

Flora the racoon is

Environmentally friendly

  • all her detergents are free of chemicals, environmentally- and baby-friendly
  • she uses eco-friendly processes: during cleaning none of the steps harm the environment.

Quick and effective

  • she wouldn’t like you to miss your stroller for too long so she will give it back perfectly clean within 72 hours
  • her washing technique is legendary: she scrubs, polishes, steams and dries.


  • The cleaning process used by Flora is greatly different from home solutions: machines, detergents and the surroundings are all premium quality.

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