Does it work?

Choose what you would like to have cleaned and send us your offer. In case you choose delivery, we will go and collect your stroller or any other product to be cleaned then after the cleaning and sterilization process we will deliver it clean and dry in a sterile package.

The cleaning process

Choose what you would like to have cleaned from the list. In case you need a replacement stroller or car seat, or you would like to use our door-to-door service, add them to your order. Your order will be confirmed once you paid online. In case you have any questions, please reach out to us via e-mail or on the phone.

Drop off your stroller in person in our shop in Pannonia street or wait for our delivery guys in case you chose our door-to-door service. We are going to let you know in advance, we will call you.

Enjoy that while you are relaxing at home or playing with your baby, Flora the racoon will be working hard vacuuming, cleaning and sterilizing your stroller. In case you need a replacement, we can provide it (choose our ‘extra’ package) so you are not left without a stroll. Our premium replacement item is brought to you by our partner, Babagúz . It takes 60-90 minutes for the racoon to do a regular cleaning but if she meets a greater challenge (mold, extra dirty stroller) it can take more time. Drying typically takes 2-4 hours. The time of getting your stroller back depends on how busy the racoons are, typically it takes 24-48 hours. You can ask for express cleaning, in this case you need to make sure to completely dry your stroller at home.

Thanks to Flora’s hard work your stroller is nice and clean again. When we are done, we will reach out to you by sending you a text message that your stroller is ready to roll home.

In case of personal pick-up in our shop in Pannonia street, in case of our door-to-door service packages you can receive your clean stroller at your doorstep which we give back in a sterile package, with a label confirming the cleaning process.

We have created the booklet for the strollers so that you can follow up on the history and the cleaning of your stroller. This booklet may come handy when you would like to sell your stroller so that the next owner will know you have taken good care of the product. The booklet guarantees that you hand on a stroller in good condition that was regularly cleaned and taken care of. Don’t forget to bring it with you every time so you get all the stamps and this way you will not miss out on our surprise, either.

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