Our story

Flora makes its debut – why did you decide to enter the market now?

Cleaning and sterilizing strollers have been a part of our lives for nearly six years. We obtained the knowledge in the ’Run with a stroller’ sports club, and our rental companies called Babagúz and Lottirose. Before launching Lottirose we had good machinery, so people often asked us to clean their strollers or asked for advise on how to do it. Because our rental branches were given a longer break due to the coronavirus, we had time to detail the idea and we thought exactly because of the pandemic it was time for us to enter the market. We can help families with our services and sharing advice in these critical times.

What does Flora do exactly?

The racoon of Flora MiniWash professionally cleans and sterilizes mainly strollers in a six-step process. She also cleans other baby related accessories like carriers, car seats, bassinets, baby bays and high chairs. Our customers can choose from our comfort options. We do door-to-door service, and we can also provide premium quality replacement strollers or car seats for the duration of the cleaning. It wouldn’t be us if we didn’t try to spice things with a little fun: we welcome you with huge wall paintings, rainbow-rental and bubble blower refills at our new location in Pannonia street.

Sweet pink design, cute racoon. What does the look of the brand represent?

We think Flora is the rescuer and helper of mothers who protects the health of children. This is why the look of the brand is kind and lovable and we also connect to children with the racoon. We take the burden off of mothers’ shoulders by saving them from having to spend time scrubbing the stroller in the bathtub then stumbling in the flat while it is drying. For many in a small apartment without a balcony, in a big city or with a really dirty stroller it is nearly impossible to get it done at home.

Why is regular cleaning and sterilizing of strollers important?

We think because of two reasons: because of hygiene and preservation. We regularly clean our car, our home and the children’s room but we tend to put off cleaning strollers and car seats even though our children spend a lot of time in them, so it is important that they come into contact with clean and germ-free surfaces. Besides, if we regularly maintain and clean these products, when we want to sell them, we can do so at a better price or more generations can use them within the family. 

What kind of experience do you have in this field?

We’ve had a stroller rental for six years. We clean and sterilize strollers on a weekly basis, after each and every rental. Nothing proves it better that we do a good job than the fact that even in the case of five or six-year-old strollers they regularly ask us whether the stroller is new, though they endure a lot and they made a lot of people happy during those years.

Based on your experience of numerous years, what kind of state are strollers of Hungarian families in?

We have experienced the extremes. We have seen strollers with mold, faded by sun or very dirty, but we’ve encountered some in perfect shape, new-like condition. In general, I could say most of them are somewhere in between. In most strollers there are crumbs, leftovers, bigger or smaller stains. When it comes to selling it or we would like to pass it on to somebody else, it is typical to have a thorough cleaning but in our everyday life we don’t have the energy or the time. Sterilizing them is not typical even when they clean them. Mothers are over stressed, so the vacuum cleaner or detergents rarely come into play around the stroller. In many families, storage is also a problem, strollers often end up in basements or balconies, thus they are exposed to mold or fading due to sunlight.

You work with premium brands in this company. Will you tell me about detergents and cleaning machines?

With all of our brands we prioritize environmental awareness so with detergents we are looking for partners with similar priorities. Our choice was Anadam as they use completely natural, skin friendly baby products. Our machines are from the well-known German brand, Karcher as we have been using their products for many years with great satisfaction both with cleaning strollers and cleaning in our household.

If I am not mistaken, you are planning a charity project later on. Will you tell me what it is about?

We consider charity very important, so right at start we started thinking about how we could connect anything with the brand, how we could be of help for those in need. We have experienced that it is very typical for families to own 2-3 strollers during the years a child needs one. Mothers find it difficult to discover the most practical, favorite stroller so they buy and sell or just hoard. We thought families who own a used stroller in a good condition but wouldn’t like to sell but would be willing to give away, can drop them off at us. We clean and sterilize them and make sure they are given to a family in need.

Finally tell me about the shop – from now on all the brands are in one place, in new surroundings for your customers.

Absolutely. Besides launching Flora our aim was to organize our two touristic brands – Babagúz and Lottirose baby equipment rentals – into a shared, big shop. Cleaning strollers will also take place here in Pannonia street. From fall we are going to organize children’s programs with water, cleanliness and naturally our favorite, playful education built on bubbles in focus.

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