Baby products are exposed to a lot of germs and contamination during use like a simple stroll, a visit to the playground, traveling on the public transport, going to the doctor’s office or during traveling. Above all these, children eat, drink, stain or spit-up in them so they should be kept clean as children are in constant contact with the stroller. Also, it is a good idea to think about how regular cleaning and maintenance can preserve the condition of the stroller so we can sell it later at a higher price.

To preserve the health of the child and the condition of the stroller it is a good idea to vacuum it every 2-4 weeks and remove the stains. It happens that food or drinks get into it and sometimes even spit-ups. Children often chew the straps of the safety harness or the side of the stroller so it is recommended to sterilize the surface of the stroller on a regular basis as they can have a lot of germs on them. A thorough cleaning is recommended 2-4 times a year, once in every season. Occasionally after journeys or before putting them into storage. Naturally it all depends on how frequently and how much a stroller is used.

After a hospital stay, we definitely recommend a full sterilization as a lot of germs can survive on plastic surfaces. In an epidemiological situation (e.g. coronavirus epidemic), it is highly recommended to have a disinfecting cleaning. With that we can help our child to be in a healthy environment.

Every baby item goes through a six-step cleaning and sterilizing process in Flora’s wash. This is how we make sure that our customers get back clean and germ-free equipment. Baby items are cleaned and disinfected with baby-friendly and natural detergents and professional Karcher machines.

  1. We vacuum the strollers and take removable parts off.
  2. We do upholstery cleaning on the whole fabric.
  3. We wipe and clean all plastic parts, the frame and the handlebar.
  4. We clean with a steam cleaner so we can remove tougher stains and to sterilize. Drying
  5. Drying
  6. Ozone sterilization.
  7. Packing in a sterile wrap.

In case you would like to have your baby items cleaned, choose from the listed options on our website: choose the type of stroller or any other item to be cleaned, add extra stains and choose the method of drop-off. In case you have any questions, please contact us on the phone, we will help you. You can drop-off your items personally in our shop at 33 Pannonia street or you can ask for door-to-door service when a delivery person will pick it up and drop it off at your home. You should also let us know if you need a replacement stroller.

No! We clean car seats, carriers, bouncing chairs and other baby items. In case you would like to have accessories cleaned (bassinet, car seat, carrier), indicate it when you place the order. We are happy to do unique requests, don’t hesitate to call us.

The complete cleaning and drying of a moderately dirty stroller takes about 60 minutes. It takes longer if there are tougher stains or multiple accessories. For complete cleaning we need 24-48 hours, this is how we can guarantee perfect drying.

Price depends on the amount and cleanliness of the baby items. In the order section you will see the price of every item, you can add extra stains or extra accessories and the method of cleaning. 

In case you choose a replacement stroller, our delivery person picks up your stroller and gives you the replacement one. These strollers are provided by our partner Babagúz, so it depends on what kind of stroller they have available. You can be certain that you get a premium city stroller as Babagúz only works with big brands. They have Ergobaby Metro, Mountain Buggy Nano, Phil & Teds and Mamas and Papas.

We clean all baby products with ANANDAM. These are plant based, natural detergents. They are completely baby-friendly.

For every surface we use Cleanne products. We take care of the plastic parts and use a special, naturally biodegradable product on metal parts.

Every single kind that can happen to a baby product.

We clean every stroller, there are no restrictions concerning brand or make.

Yes, we clean the wheels as well.

With regular cleaning (vacuuming and wiping with a wet cloth).

We highly recommend it as during a journey the stroller is exposed to a lot and comes into contact with many things. A complete cleaning and sterilizing is recommended.

Yes, ANADAM cleaning products are completely environmentally friendly.

In case it works well, we definitely think you should have it cleaned and use it. A stroller is typically used for maximum three years with a child in a family. If they take good care of it, it can serve more families for a long time and it is very sustainable.

No! In case you wish to drop it off at Flora MiniWash within opening hours, you can do so any time, there is no need to call us beforehand and you don’t need to reserve a slot online. Just come.

The complete cleaning and drying of a moderately dirty stroller takes about 60 minutes. It takes longer if there are tougher stains or multiple accessories. For complete cleaning we need 24-48 hours, this is how we can guarantee perfect drying.

Yes! In case you ask for urgent cleaning, we can give you the stroller back in 2 hours. Attention: in this case it is your job to let it completely dry. 

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